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JamJar includes the Box2D physics engine to handle all of the Physics calculations. There is a wrapper around the Box2D APIs to make it integrate better with the JamJar architecture using entities, components, and systems.

The Box2DPhysicsSystem manages Box2D and acts as a bridge between Box2D and JamJar.

Setting up the Box2D Physics System

To set up a Box2DPhysicsSystem you need to provide a message bus alongside a Vector2D representing the gravity to apply to Box2D objects.

#include "standard/2d/box2d/box2d_physics_system.hpp"
#include "geometry/vector_2d.hpp"
new JamJar::Standard::_2D::Box2DPhysicsSystem(messageBus, JamJar::Vector2D(0, -10.0f));

This sets up the Box2DPhysicsSystem with the world gravity set to x: 0, y: -10.0f (gravity downwards).